Ginny Haswell and Jeremy Marshall return with their unique workshop combining Qigong and Yin Yoga. This time the theme is all about 'being present'... 

To be completely present in each moment; to observe all that arises without emotional response or judgement is a mindfulness practice. The word 'mindfulness' is used a lot nowadays. To have your mind full of what, exactly? The more present we are with our mind the more we can learn from whatever activity we engage in.

Jeremy will invite you to hone in on your concentration with awareness of movement and breath in Qi Gong practice, interspersed with moments of stillness, so that the mind becomes quiet and realisations naturally arise from an intuitive rather than a judgemental place.

During the longer, timed holds of postures in Yin Yoga, Ginny will prompt a journey of self enquiry. When mental or physical discomforts arise, do we daydream to take our minds outside of the experience? Or perhaps we feel a strong urge to change what is - to fidget or to give up and come out of the pose early. By observing these aversions and cravings, we can gain insights into our tendencies and habitual reactions in life.

With regular practice, 'being present' permeates our daily lives and we may free ourselves from habits and behaviours that no longer serve us.

Date: Sunday 23 September

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: £28

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