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Here at the Centre we are pleased to offer you a range of workshops with internationally renowned guest teachers. Workshops are a great way to further your practice and expand your knowledge. 

Vital Woman Yoga - Inner Body Wisdomvital woman 3

summer energy

with Sophie Cleere

A workshop designed specifically for women.

In this workshop, we will explore more feminine aspects of yoga movement and connect with our own inner body wisdom, truly coming into relationship with ourselves.

We will work with more dynamic asana, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and discussion. As we will be in mid summer (as in our feminine cycle) the desire to be more active, to flow and challenge ourselves can be our natural leaning. While this workshop will be more dynamic it will be a supportive energising workshop, balanced with the self care of deep rest and nurture.

Blocks, blankets and mats are provided but feel free to bring a favourite blanket, socks or anything you need to feel comfortable. Suitable for women with an existing yoga or movement practice.

Date: Saturday 22 July

Time: 1.30-3.45pm

Cost: £22/£19 concession

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Flight School: An inversions workshop

with Anna Sugarman & Richard HusseiniFlight School 2

Heart over head. Unite the mind and body.

What? Practice fundamental alignment for crow, headstand, and handstand. Build up knowledge and break down advanced postures and transitions. Integrate arm balances and inversions into familiar yoga sequences

How? 1. Breathe. Techniques to power and ease your elevation and inversion control  //  2. Train. General and specific exercises to increase your ability to safely invert.  //  3. Activate. Prepare your mind and body to go upside-down, for rockin benefits.  //  4. Progress. Build from basics to confidently discover and expand your limits.

Why? Good for the spine. Great for the soul. Shine : On and Off the Mat…

3 hours of practice and play, for beginners and advanced upside-down’ers!

Date: Saturday 12 August

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: £28/£25 concession

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Discover the power of Kirtanvoice circle

A Kirtan immersion

with Narayani

Deepen your understanding and discover the power of Kirtan.

Connect more deeply to your voice and the power of sound on your body, emotions and sense of wellbeing. Build confidence to teach and share kirtan and mantra with others. Using voicework, Kirtan, rhythm and discussion, we will immerse ourselves in mantra and our voices as tools for transformation and peace.

Whether during yoga practice or singing with a group, repeating Sanskrit mantras creates a meditative and uplifted mental state, and helps to melt inhibitions that can suppress our voices and expression. It can take us deep inside to a place of inner peace and stillness.

Date: Sunday 24 September

Time: 12pm-6pm

Cost: £45/£40 concession

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Alexander Technique Workshop: Combat stress using Alexander's discoveries

with Mark Claireauxalexander mark helping

Feedback from a recent workshop participant:

"I am moving differently now and it is as if your instruction has unlocked my body. I only wish I had been on one of your courses earlier. I tried jogging and walking and find I can go further. I know I am only a novice but it has made a great difference. I am recommending the Alexander Technique to my friends!”

Date: Saturday 30 September

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: £28/£25 concession

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Yoga Teacher Forum hosted by BNHC and run by the Brighton Yoga Festival

Theme to be announced

yoga festival

For the past few years, we at the Brighton Natural Health Centre have been running an ongoing series of low-cost forums for local yoga teachers as part of our community programme. In 2017 we teamed up with the Brighton Yoga Festival who now organise and run these events hosted by us at Brighton Natural Health Centre. Details of the upcoming event below...

Date: Sunday 1 October

Time: 1.30-3.30pm

Cost: TBA

Booking open soon...

Humanistic Yoga WorkshopPeter Blackaby

am I doing it right?

with Pete Blackaby

In yoga there is a widely held perception that alignment and adjustment by teachers is a significant part of asana practice. In some quarters this is such an important aspect of practice that it is unquestioned.

However if we pause for a moment, we can ask the question, alignment to what?

Behind this pursuit for perfect alignment is the supposition that there is something helpful about the shape of the asana itself, and that by achieving this shape the body will be endowed with some significant benefit. However this reasoning is deeply suspect, there is very little evidence to support the idea that being able to assume these postural shapes is helpful, particularly if they do not relate to anything useful in the human repertoire of movement. Secondly the reliance of having a teacher to ‘adjust’ you tends to take you away from your own felt sense, and it is the felt sense that is most significant when learning about movement and the embodied self.

When we align ourselves to a posture through a list of detailed instructions and adjustments all we find out about ourselves is how good we are at following instructions. On the other hand when we get more in touch with the feeling of the body we start to learn about ourselves and create the conditions for significant change.

Date: Saturday 4 November

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £30/£27 conc.

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Exploring our bandhas in yoga practiseJane Manze - bandhas

with Jane Manze

A somatic exploration of our diaphragms... our inner support, control and stability within asana and pranayama. Join Jane for an afternoon of Scaravelli inspired yoga practice and somatic movement.

Dates: Saturday 18 November

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £28/£25 concession

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Anatomy & Physiology Workshop

chris swainShining a light on conditions

with Chris Swain

In many cases we have heard the names of common physical conditions and injuries, but don’t really have a clear understanding of what they are. This is a workshop to clarify what a few of those common conditions are. In addition to describing each condition we shall also explore some of the possible reasons as to why they might occur, including their associated factors.

The conditions we will discuss are:

Osteoarthritis (OA) – how does OA differ from rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?  //  Shoulder issues – what is meant by a ‘frozen shoulder’ (Adhesive Capsulitis)?  //  What muscles are involved in rotator cuff strains?  //  Knee issues – what is a knee meniscal (cartilage) tear?  //  What is the difference between the cruciate and collateral knee ligaments?  //  What is a ‘prolapsed’ disc?  //  What is a stroke?

This workshop may be of especial interest if you are a teacher of yoga, pilates, dance or indeed any form of physical exercise.

Date: Saturday 25 November

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £30/£27 conc.

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