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Here at the Centre we are pleased to offer you a range of workshops with internationally renowned guest teachers. Workshops are a great way to further your practice and expand your knowledge. 

Understanding Stress Workshopchris swain

with Chris Swain

The word ‘stress’ has entered our popular language with phrases like ‘stressed out’, ‘workplace stress’ and ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’. Almost on a weekly basis there are articles in the press and news items concerning stress and its related disorders ranging from anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion and irritability to its long term association with heart disease and strokes. Stress is a major cause of long term absence from work in the UK.

This workshop will explore the physiological mechanisms which give rise to the concept of stress, a term popularised by Hans Selye in the 1950’s. These mechanisms include the well known ‘fight or flight’ response, the amygdala, the sympathetic nervous system and hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. We shall see how the innate short term physiological survival responses can be inappropriately triggered by abstract thought and then maintained over a period of time. Having understood some of the mechanisms of how and why stress might be experienced we will then look at ‘stress management’. What may create negative stress in one person may be seen as a positive creative challenge to another – the stress response is a very individual thing and not all stress is ‘bad’. We will also consider how our attitudes and conceptual framework can influence our physiological responses.

Topics covered include:-

  • Definition and history of the concept of ‘stress’
  • Symptoms of stress; insomnia, irritability, poor digestion etc
  • Homeostasis, Human Function Curve, McLean’s Triune Brain
  • Physiological mechanisms of stress; the amygdala, hypothalamus, pituitary adrenal axis, sympathetic nervous system
  • Stress management including recuperative yoga postures

Date: Saturday 6 May

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £30/£27 concession

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Vital Woman Yoga - Inner Body Wisdomvital woman 3

gentle Spring awakening

with Sophie Cleere

A workshop designed specifically for women.

In this workshop, we will explore more feminine aspects of yoga movement and connect with our own inner body wisdom, truly coming into relationship with ourselves. 

We will work with gentle asana (but powerful nonetheless), breathing techniques, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and discussion that will allow us to reconnect to our source energy or Shakti (feminine power) and to our feminine cycle. Understanding our monthly cycle can help us rediscover our own inner guide and re-learn how to honour our natural rythmns. Less push and more flow.

Blocks, blankets and mats are provided but feel free to bring a favourite blanket, socks or anything you need to feel comfortable. If you are an existing yoga practitioner or new to yoga this workshop is perfect for you.

Date: Sunday 7 May

Time: 1.30-3.45pm

Cost: £22/£19 concession

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Next workshop: 22 July - Summer energy

Alexander Technique Workshopalexander

'body mapping' and Alexander's main discovery

with Mark Claireaux

This Alexander Technique workshop will focus on ‘body mapping’, the process of constructively applying an understanding of anatomy, to improve how we move. Getting clear on the architecture of the total mind-body-breathing mechanism can eliminate tension, freeing your body which is very empowering.

Feedback from a recent workshop participant:

"I am moving differently now and it is as if your instruction has unlocked my body. I only wish I had been on one of your courses earlier. I tried jogging and walking and find I can go further. I know I am only a novice but it has made a great difference. I am recommending the Alexander Technique to my friends!”

Date: Saturday 20 May

Time: 1.30-5.45pm

Cost: £35/£31 concession

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Becoming aware of our energy centres
jane manze s17

A somatic movement exploration into a scaravelli inspired yoga practice

with Jane Manze

Join Jane for an afternoon of Scaravelli inspired yoga practice and somatic movement.  This workshop will focus on bringing awareness to energy centres - our glands / our chakras to support us in yoga, movement and in stillness.

Dates: Saturday 8 July

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £28/£25 concession

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