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Here at the Centre we are pleased to offer you a range of workshops with internationally renowned guest teachers. Workshops are a great way to further your practice and expand your knowledge. 

Yoga Teacher Forum hosted by BNHC and run by the Brighton Yoga Festival

Working with trauma in a yoga practice using iRest Yoga Nidra

with Paul Collins

yoga festival

For the past few years, we at the Brighton Natural Health Centre have been running an ongoing series of low-cost forums for local yoga teachers as part of our community programme. In 2017 we teamed up with the Brighton Yoga Festival who now organise and run these events hosted by us at Brighton Natural Health Centre. Details of the upcoming event below...

iRest Yoga Nidra is endorsed by the US Army Surgeon General for dealing with PTSD and is now used in over 30 VA hospitals as well as homeless shelters and other settings for people dealing with chronic physical pain, sleep issues, unseen mental health and emotional issues.

Paul Collins has worked with his Yoga practice that integrates the iRest protocol in Drug rehabs, mental health units, prisons, a hospice and with groups of military personal as well as private clients who have been deeply traumatised from all kinds of life experiences for the last 17 years. He will share his experience of working in these environments, offer an introduction to trauma sensitive Yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra as well as delivering an iRest Yoga Nidra practice.

Date: Sunday 11 June

Time: 1.30-3.30pm

Cost: £5

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Becoming aware of our energy centres
jane manze s17

A somatic movement exploration into a scaravelli inspired yoga practice

with Jane Manze

Join Jane for an afternoon of Scaravelli inspired yoga practice and somatic movement.  This workshop will focus on bringing awareness to energy centres - our glands / our chakras to support us in yoga, movement and in stillness.

Dates: Saturday 8 July

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £28/£25 concession

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Vital Woman Yoga - Inner Body Wisdomvital woman 3

summer energy

with Sophie Cleere

A workshop designed specifically for women.

In this workshop, we will explore more feminine aspects of yoga movement and connect with our own inner body wisdom, truly coming into relationship with ourselves.

We will work with more dynamic asana, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and discussion. As we will be in mid summer (as in our feminine cycle) the desire to be more active, to flow and challenge ourselves can be our natural leaning. While this workshop will be more dynamic it will be a supportive energising workshop, balanced with the self care of deep rest and nurture.

Blocks, blankets and mats are provided but feel free to bring a favourite blanket, socks or anything you need to feel comfortable. Suitable for women with an existing yoga or movement practice.

Date: Sunday 7 May

Time: 1.30-3.45pm

Cost: £22/£19 concession

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Discover the power of Kirtanvoice circle

A Kirtan immersion

with Narayani

Deepen your understanding and discover the power of Kirtan.

Connect more deeply to your voice and the power of sound on your body, emotions and sense of wellbeing. Build confidence to teach and share kirtan and mantra with others. Using voicework, Kirtan, rhythm and discussion, we will immerse ourselves in mantra and our voices as tools for transformation and peace.

Whether during yoga practice or singing with a group, repeating Sanskrit mantras creates a meditative and uplifted mental state, and helps to melt inhibitions that can suppress our voices and expression. It can take us deep inside to a place of inner peace and stillness.

Date: Sunday 24 September

Time: 12pm-6pm

Cost: £45/£40 concession

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Alexander Technique Workshopalexander

'body mapping' and Alexander's main discovery

with Mark Claireaux

This Alexander Technique workshop will focus on ‘body mapping’, the process of constructively applying an understanding of anatomy, to improve how we move. Getting clear on the architecture of the total mind-body-breathing mechanism can eliminate tension, freeing your body which is very empowering.

Feedback from a recent workshop participant:

"I am moving differently now and it is as if your instruction has unlocked my body. I only wish I had been on one of your courses earlier. I tried jogging and walking and find I can go further. I know I am only a novice but it has made a great difference. I am recommending the Alexander Technique to my friends!”

Date: Saturday 20 May

Time: 1.30-5.45pm

Cost: £35/£31 concession

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