qigong (chi gong)pete deadman s15 talk

Qigong is a traditional Chinese self-cultivation practice that integrates the body (strong, agile, grounded), breath (deep, slow) and mind (still, centred, absorbed). It can be practised at any age, can contribute to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and is commonly done to enhance other disciplines such as martial arts, dance and sport. Come and discover the beauty and wisdom of this traditional Chinese body-mind exercise.

five animal qigong

Qigong based on the qualities of different animals (especially the crane, tiger, bear, deer and monkey) is the oldest known form of qigong, with its roots in ancient shamanistic practice. Each of the ancient five animal qigong (‘chi gong’) forms has a special quality, a particular way of moving and an affinity with one of the internal organs. Peter is an experienced qigong teacher known for carefully explaining the essence and structure of each movement. After each course, all participants will get access to a video of the full form as an aid to practice.

Each course follows a theme, click on the class name (ie 'qigong all levels course 6 weeks') to see the course theme and description.





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