bnhc yoga teacher forum

Once or twice a term, as part of the BNHC Community Programme we are running an ongoing series of forums for local yoga teachers. This is either a free event or a fundraising workshop hosted by a guest teacher. All profits go to supporting our community outreach classes. Teachers, come along! Students, send your teacher!

Calling all yoga teachers...

Would you like a regular opportunity to meet with fellow teachers, share ideas about practice and reflect on your experiences?

Come along to our forum and join a yoga teaching community.  If you are interested in being part of our group, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Yoga Teacher Forum 

hosted by BNHC and run by the Brighton Yoga Foundation

Partner work in yoga

For the past few years, we at the Brighton Natural Health Centre have been running an ongoing series of low-cost forums for local yoga teachers as part of our community programme. In 2017 we teamed up with the Brighton Yoga Foundation who now organise and run these events hosted by us at BNHC.

This term’s forum will include a look at partner work in yoga with a practical session led by Sevanti, who will then give a talk about setting up and running yoga retreats. A Q&A session on the challenges facing yoga teachers will follow giving an opportunity to share advice and support.

Sevanti worked hard developing her material of Unity Partner Yoga™, which was established in 2002. Her earlier research was with her friend and fellow yogi Sarah Jennings, whom she still practices and demonstrates with today. Since then Sevanti has developed the practice into a vast selection of duo/trio/group yoga asanas, practiced with friends, partners, family and strangers to bring people together in a sacred and fun way. Read more about Sevanti here.

Date: Sunday 1 October

Time: 1.30-4pm

Cost: £5

Brighton Natural Health Centre and Brighton Yoga Foundation are both registered charities with the aim of spreading the benefits of yoga and other mindful practices within our community. Any profits raised from this event will go towards the BNHC Community Programme and projects run by the Brighton Yoga Foundation.




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