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This ancient and healing system was established by Sri. T Krishnamacharya and his disciple Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India in the 1930s. The practice aligns dynamic movement with breath, creating a flow from one asana (posture) to another, and focuses on the journey between the postures rather than achieving perfect body alignment. Whilst challenging and dynamic, regular practice of Astanga yoga can offer many benefits including increased flexibility, greater strength, a calmer mind, relief from pain and full body detoxification.

Is it for me?

Astanga yoga is for anyone and is practised equally by men and women. Maintained correctly, it can be a truly healing experience.

Here at BNHC you can choose from beginner courses, introduction to self-practice courses, led drop-in classes or Mysore style self-practice classes with our team of very experienced and inspiring teachers, Sarah Miles (Mysore classes), Kathryn Broadribb (Saturday self-practice, evening drop-ins & courses) and Anna Jones (Tuesday Beginners PLUS course).


   Petri Räisänen : 3 Days of Astanga Yoga

Petri Räisänen is returning to Brighton as part of his new nādi sodhana book launch tour. In partnership with our Astanga Yoga Community, YogaBase Brighton, we are priviledged to host Petri and Wambui at Brighton Natural Health Centre.

Three days of Mysore practice and a technique class, together with a book signing, make this a very unique and special occasion.
What could be better than receiving the wonderful adjustments and guidance of Petri and Wambui before meandering under the Christmas lights and revelling in the splendour of Brighton's famous Laines?


Click on the course types below to see more information about our beginner courses and intro to self practice courses.


View all classes and reserve your place using our online timetable! (We strongly reccomend online booking for our Astanga classes as spaces are limited).

Counted led classes allow students to develop the pace and stamina needed to keep up with the meditative rhythm dictated by the (counted) breath of the Astanga practice.
Mondays 6.30pm, half led-primary (open level)  //  Thursdays 7.30pm, led-primary (continuers)  //  Fridays 6pm, led-primary (continuers).

Mysore style self-practice classes (Monday to Saturday mornings) give students the opportunity to maintain a practice at their own level and with their own breath. The teacher assists each student individually, giving physical adjustments and verbal instructions as they move through the fixed sequence of postures at their own pace. This style of practice encourages an inward focus and creates the sense of a ‘moving meditation’. On Fridays the 6:30am class will be a Sanskrit counted full led primary in keeping with the traditional Mysore way. There will be 10 minutes of chanting at the start of the Saturday 8:00am class. Please contact us on 01273 600010 before attending your first early morning Mysore style class.


Monthly Mysore pass, £104 per month for unlimited Mysore self-practice classes. Choose from six classes a week - see terms & conditions below.

Beginners are welcome to attend Mysore self-practice classes but are asked to commit to a daily practice for one month. NEW STARTER OFFER - pay just £55 for your first Mysore pass! (not available online).

NOVEMBER mysore pass DECEMBER 'basic' mysore pass
unlimited classes in NOVEMBER - £104 1st-22nd DECEMBER (No class 12th-14th) - £79
teacher: sarah miles teacher: sarah miles
monday - friday 06:30 - 08:30 monday - friday 06:30 - 08:30
saturday 08:00 - 10:00 saturday 08:00 - 10:00

December mysore pass + Petri sessions
mysore classes as standard 1st-22nd DEC
+ 6.30am Mysore with Petri 12-14 Dec - £115.50
teacher: sarah miles OR petri raisanen
monday - friday 06:30 - 08:30
tues 12th - thurs 14th 06:30 - 08:30 with Petri
saturday 08:00 - 10:00

Terms and conditions apply:
1. Passes cannot be transferred, extended or refunded in whole or part.
2. Passes are valid for Mon-Fri 6.30am classes + Sat 8am class.
3. Friday 6.30am class is a full counted led primary. Entry closes at 6.30am
4. Entrance to Sat 8am class is not guaranteed.
5. Places in all classes are available on a first come, first served basis.
6. 10 and 20 class cards can be used for all classes.
7. Passes are NOT valid for Mon, Tue, Wed 9am classes or Mon, Thu, Fri evening classes.

bank holidays & moon days 2017

Sat 18 Nov, Mon 18 Dec (No Mysore classes 23 Dec-2 Jan. All mysore classes restart Weds 3 Jan)

There will be no early morning (6.30am) Self Practice classes on moon days. However, all other Astanga classes will still run on these days including 9am self-practice classes (Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays). We're closed on Bank Holidays - no classes.

Yogabase Brighton LogoYoga Base

BNHC has been offering Astanga Yoga classes since 1999. Over the years we have been lucky enough to host many wonderful and inspirational teachers including Kristina Karitinos-Ireland, Julie Martin, Bhavani Maki, Louise Ellis, Russell Case, Nick Evans, John Scott and the great Manju Jois himself. Our Astanga Yoga programme continues to thrive with busy classes and a team of dedicated teachers led by Sarah Miles.

Yoga Base Brighton is a BNHC affiliated website celebrating all things Astanga. Run by our teachers for our students, it offers news, tips, chat and a great way to get involved.

Visit and join our Astanga Yoga community today!

Image courtesy of Tom Lane.



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