Alexander Technique: an exploration of internal posture, Sat 23 Feb

Are you trying too hard to have good ‘Posture’? This can be tiring... Mark Claireaux explores this idea in a safe non-judgemental space.

The problem is that we might achieve good ‘External posture’ but on the inside we might have our own struggles. These maybe due to past experiences. We might have a slight anxiety, inner anger or fear, a sense of not ‘feeling good enough’ (very common),we may also not feel we have a voice. Alexander Technique can help us if we are struggling with such issues. We are what we think after all.

In this Workshop, where Mark creates a safe non-judgemental space we can explore how we react to others, how we react to the pressures of work, not enough time etc. We will explore where we feel this in the body and find ways to release this tension and come to a place of calm and confidence, it might even help that back or neck issue.

Feedback from a recent workshop participant:

"I am moving differently now and it is as if your instruction has unlocked my body. I only wish I had been on one of your courses earlier. I tried jogging and walking and find I can go further. I know I am only a novice but it has made a great difference. I am recommending the Alexander Technique to my friends!”

Date: Saturday 23 February

Time: 2-5pm 

Cost: 28 | Level 1 - suitable to newcomers but also those with previous experience of the technique.

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