Release from the centre out - Mindful & Somatic Yoga, Sun 17 Mar

Book now for Charlotte Watts Mindful & Somatic Yoga workshop suitable for anyone needing to make space and time to breathe deeply, reconnect with their bodies and still their minds.

Theme: Release from the centre out:

Through an explorative practice of much spiralling, rolling and undulating, you will be guided with the kind space to listen inwardly and respond to your deepest physical and emotional needs. Pulsing and rocking movements in and around the belly and centre help to gently coax out stresses, tensions and traumas that we can tend to store in these depths, allowing them to to rise out from the unconscious and be observed consciously. This can lead to feelings of space, ease and relief as we let go of that we no longer need to hold on to.

Next workshop dates: May 12th, July 14th

Date: Sunday 17 March

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £28 | Suitable for all levels-a great complement to a more dynamic practice.

OFFER: Pay £5 less per workshop if booking more than one date at a time for the same person. Please call to book: 01273 600010 (not available online)

For full information and to book see HERE



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