Eat three meals a day

Eating regular meals is better for health than eating one large meal a day. In a crossover study carried out in the USA, a small group of volunteers participated in two eight-week meal-treatment periods, consuming either all their required weight-maintenance calories in one meal or in three meals a day. At the end of the eight-week study period, the groups swapped over, therefore acting as their own controls. The researchers found that eating one meal a day caused significant increases in total cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol and blood pressure, compared with eating three meals a day. These changes in cardiovascular disease risk factors occurred despite the fact that while consuming one meal, participants weight and fat mass decreased in comparison to when they ate three-meals. Further analysis showed that when volunteers ate one meal they had higher morning fasting blood sugar levels, higher and more sustained elevations in blood sugar concentrations, and a delayed response to insulin, compared to consuming three meals a day. (Impact of reduced meal frequency without caloric restriction on glucose regulation in healthy, normal-we


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