The Brighton Natural Health Centre runs weekend and other workshops throughout the year. To make a booking, click on the links below.

AcroYoga and Thai Massage Workshoppartner yoga beach a14

with Chetana Thornton

This workshop combines the deep, playful connection of acroyoga with the mutually supportive practices of partner yoga and Thai massage. It will begin with a vinyasa warm up followed by some partner yoga - deep, opening stretches supported by someone else, like human leverage! Next up is some Acroyoga: a fusion of yoga, acrobatics and inversion therapy. Again working with a partner, acroyoga is a form of flying yoga massage - one person is supported in the air by another, allowing both static positions and spectacular flows. Click here to see workshop co-ordinators Chetana and Will doing some relaxing flying therapeutics (a form of acroyoga which will be taught in this workshop)...

The afternoon will wind down with the sacred dance of Thai Yoga Massage. Thai massage is a great way to learn the skills of giving and receiving the healing benefit of touch. This will be followed by a guided world peace meditation to close the session.

Working within these sacred traditions encourages us to let go of habitual conditioning within the mind that may have impacted the body. Explore and play together to melt edges and dissolve imaginary boundaries...

Beginners are welcome and no partner is necessary.

Date: Sunday 29 March

Time: 2-6pm

Cost: £30 (or £50 for two people - please call us on 01273 600010 to receive this discount - not available online)

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De-Stress Yoga Workshopsde-stress yoga

with Charlotte Watts

'Soften and Release Upright' - Saturday 18 April

Modern stress patterns and postural habits can have us curling into ourselves and shutting down the fronts of our bodies. This is often felt from the psoas muscle that allows us to stand upright and where tightness and tension can occur and cause lower back, hip, belly and breathing issues. We will explore this deep muscular channel in a progressively softening, loosening, fluid and opening manner in order to feel release in our whole bodies and minds, allowing easier upright strength.

Open, breathe, relax, let go....

These meditative and deep monthly workshops are suitable for anyone needing to make space and time to breathe deeply, reconnect with their bodies and still their minds. You will experience practical antidotes to the stresses of modern life - from the postural issues of sitting on chairs and hunching over computers to the 'busy brain' effects of constant stimulus and psycho-social pressure.

Gentle and opening asanas (postures) build up to stronger poses and back down again to a restorative practice; all sequenced to prepare the body for meditation, mantra, pranayama and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Each workshop will have different content. Suitable for all levels and a great complement to a more dynamic practice.

Charlotte is also a nutritionist with 10 years specialising in stress-related and fatigue conditions and the co-author of The De-Stress Diet (Hay House 2010).

Saturday 18 April

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: £27/£24 conc.

Next workshops: 23 May - 'From the Ground Up', 4 July - 'Connect From the Centre Outward'

NOTE: Pay £5 less per workshop if booking more than one date for the same person at the same time. Please call us on 01273 600010 if you wish to do this (not available online)

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BNHC Choreo Collectivecd melanie jump

with Melanie Quevedo

BNHC Choreo(graphic) Collective is a series of creative workshops led by Melanie Quevedo and guest artists, allowing dancers to explore and develop their own material in a friendly and supportive environment.

The group will  have the opportunity to share thier work at BNHC throughout the term/year. The workshops will consist of a short warm up followed by choreographic and improvisation tasks designed to generate material both as individuals and a group.

Open to all dance enthusiasts!

Dates: Sunday 19 April, Sunday 7 June

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £22/£20 conc.

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Iyengar® Yoga Workshopiyengar jen good pic

with Jen Henwood

'Asana is perfect firmness of body, steadiness of intelligence, and benevolence of spirit.’ B.K.S. Iyengar

In this afternoon workshop, students will have the time and space to observe how the practice of various yoga asanas (postures) can transform body, mind and spirit.

Jen has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching since 2005. Her teaching is supportive and friendly. Students are encouraged to work according to their own ability in order to realise their full potential and thus experience the many benefits of yoga.

Suitable for students with one year’s experience.

Date: Saturday 25 April

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: £27/£24 conc.

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Qigong and Yin Yoga Workshopginny qigong and yin w15

Structure and Alignment: The foundation for growth and creativity

with Jeremy Marshall and Ginny Haswell

Jeremy will begin by exploring alignment, relaxation and the increased awareness that comes from the experience of standing and dissolving tension. The introduction of simple repetitive Qigong movements will regulate and harmonise body, mind and breath. From this state of inner stillness, Ginny will guide a yoga practice of longer holds in passive Yin poses with some creative variations offered. Through the addition of short intervals in static Yang postures, we will have the opportunity to observe the interdependence of yin and yang as the experience unfolds and grows.

Date: Sunday 26 April

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £27/£24 conc.

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Feeling Sound - Therapeutic Sound Bathsoundbath new pic a14

with Catherine Hutchinson

Lie back, relax and recharge to the soothing and energising sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, gongs and crystal bowls. A therapeutic sound bath can be an exhilarating and often profound journey and can help you to achieve balance and a sense of well-being. Experience what therapeutic sound can do for you, as you immerse yourself within these stimulating and transformational frequencies.

Date: Sunday 26 April, Sunday 21 June (plus special event on 16 May - see below)

Time: 8-9.30pm

Cost: £12/£9 conc. These are drop-in workshops - no need to book in advance, just turn up and pay on the night.

SPECIAL EVENTbrighton yoga festival logo round

Brighton Yoga Festival presents:

Therapeutic Sound Bath at BNHC

BNHC is proud to be involved in this year's Brighton Yoga festival, the only non-profit making festival of its kind in the UK.

A number of special events are taking place in the build up to the big day itself including this fantastic evening of therapeutic sound.

Saturday 16 May • 7.30-9pm • £10 (all profits to the festival)

Book this event HERE - not to be missed!

Brighton Yoga Festival takes place on Saturday 25 July at St Georges Church, Kemptown, Brighton.

Grounding to Expandjane manze spring 2015

Scaravelli Yoga and Somatic Movement Workshop

with Jane Manze

Trusting our bones - enjoying greater flexibility, strength, ease and freedom in yoga postures.

As we move towards summer, join Jane for an afternoon of movement exploration through our skeleton, to embody classic yoga asanas.

Jane has been teaching Scaravelli inspired yoga for many years. From her Somatic Movement Education she is able to offer individuals a jane manze spring 2015 adeeper understanding of themselves in yoga postures. This session is suitable for anyone interested in yoga and how they move.

Date: Saturday 2 May

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £27/£24 conc.

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Butoh Workshopbutoh class

with Yumino Seki

Butoh (dance of transformation) is an avant-garde dance philosophy/method created in Japan at the end of the 1950s. This workshop will explore the main elements of Butoh including metamorphoses, dance through imagery, presence, alignment, awareness and the tension between opposites. The aim is to free the body from its mundane preconceived set of gestures in order to access a deeper and more authentic essence of movement and archetypal expression.

Suitable for complete beginners and those with experience in dance, movement, somatic disciplines or performing arts.

Date: Saturday 9 May

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £22/£20 conc.

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Connective IQ Moves (CIQ) Workshop Series

with Laurie Booth and Tracey Mellorconnective iq moves s15

Inspired by dance, martial arts and Tom Myers (author of ‘Anatomy Trains’), these workshops are of value and relevance to anyone with an interest in any movement based activity. The work is an evidence led response to current fascial research.

Workshops can be attended separately or as a series.

Sun 17 May • 2-5pm • £27/£24 conc. Origins, Evolution, Integration: Beginning the process of using Connective IQ Moves as a resource for a balanced and energetically efficient body.

Sun 21 Jun • 2-5pm • £27/£24 conc. Archaic Accessories: Using archaic retro gym equipment to increase the load bearing and recoil function of fascia.

Sun 12 Jul • 2-5pm • £27/£24 conc. Fascia and Creative Movement: Using Connective IQ Moves as a resource for revealing the hidden creative imagination locked down in the body.

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SPECIAL EVENTliz warrington headstand

Brighton Wellbeing Project

FREE workshop for yoga teachers

with Liz Warrington

As part of the Brighton Wellbeing Project, BNHC is running a series of free events for the local yoga teacher community.

This term we are happy to host Liz Warrington, an experienced teacher in the Scaravelli tradition, who will be leading a workshop on how to work with students new to yoga and body work.

Date: Saturday 30 May

Time: 2-5pm

This workshop is FREE but spaces must be booked by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Alexander Technique Workshopalexander

with Mark Claireaux

Is the daily grind bringing you down and giving you a pain in the neck or back? Want to feel more comfortable in your body? This workshop aims to help you improve posture, relieve pain and remove that stressed out feeling. It’s a great way to help breathing and balance too, and to boost confidence.

The British Medical Journal reported that "lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for chronic back pain’’ as a result of a part NHS funded trial in 2008.

Feedback from a recent workshop participant: "I thought the workshop on Saturday was very informative and helpful. Some of the eye opening facts really moved me on. I am moving differently now and it is as if your instruction has unlocked my body. I only wish I had been on one of your courses earlier. I tried jogging and walking and find I can go further. I know I am only a novice but it has made a great difference. I am recommending the Alexander Technique to my friends!"

Date: Saturday 13 June

Time: 1.30pm-5.45pm

Cost: £34/£30 concessions

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Deepen the Connection to Your Voice

voice circle

'Yoga of the Voice' workshops with Narayani

Connect the ‘singing’ outer voice to the inner ‘voice’ of intuition, wisdom, peace and centredness. Create sound in new ways, chanting sacred mantras to illuminate aspects of your deeper self. Learn to love your unique voice.

Voicework offers an experience of your voice, your unique expression, and a sense of connection to a greater whole. Narayani combines chanting, mantras, sound and song in a way that both supports and expands. She draws upon ancient and modern techniques to open voice and heart. These techniques are based on the Indian Chakra system which unites body and mind energetically and incorporates ancient spiritual mantras said to be infused with intention and universal power. Singing and sounding in this way helps to release stuck energy and emotions, leading to a sense of lightness, clarity and often a new kind of stillness.

Voicework is safe and fun for people with no previous singing experience and rich enough to inspire and challenge those who have been practicing regularly.

Date: Sunday 14 June

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £27/£24 conc. 

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Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop: Work, Play and Restginny yin and yang workshop s15 a

with Ginny Haswell

If life feels rushed and chaotic with no time to fit everything in, how do we juggle our commitments and find space to pause and take rest?

On our mats we will balance our commitment to working hard and pushing our boundaries by adding playful intervals and moments of quiet introspection, at times when least expected!

Standing postures will build physical and mental stamina with a focus on alignment and breath. Fun transitions and variations on poses sprinkled with a few arm balances and inversions will bring out our adventurous side. All important rest breaks in the form of meditation, pranayama and yin postures will be dotted throughout.

We will strengthen our ability to adapt to frequent changes of pace whilst staying grounded and present in the process.

Date: Saturday 20 June

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: £27/£24 conc.

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Classic Yoga Workshopclassic yoga 1

with Louise Beglin

'Total extension brings total relaxation' B.K.S. Iyengar

An opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of the yoga postures in order to become more connected to the essence of who you are. Louise will inspire you to work deeper within each posture, allowing you to broaden your knowledge of certain yoga asanas. She will encourage you to work towards your full potential in a non-competitive way and thus help you to experience some of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that can be achieved through the practice of yoga. Louise has been teaching yoga for over 35 years and has trained many teachers.

This is a fun and informative workshop – come along and discover what yoga can do for you!

Date: Saturday 27 June

Time: 2-5pm

Cost: £27/£24 conc.

Book workshop HERE

Dance Into Yogaemma cole dance into yoga w15

with Emma Cole

Float, spin, bend, extend, reach, drop, slide, release...

Beginning with a contemporary dance warm-up, Emma will lead the group through a series of simple exercises enabling gentle, fluid movement and allowing a softening into the body and release of tension. This work will develop into a flowing dance routine. The second part of the workshop will move into a yoga practice, maintaining a sense of freedom and ease. Having danced, the muscles will be warm, stimulated and ready for deep stretching. A flowing, mindful yoga class will open the hips, aid flexibility and promote healthy blood flow to cells muscles and bones.

No need for previous experience - just come along and enjoy!

Date: Sunday 26 July

Time: 2pm-5pm

Cost: £22/£20 conc.

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